Ready Shows

The Escape

Duration: 3:36

The Escape’s hero dives into a virtual reality game that seems fun at first, but soon turns into a dynamic race for survival. During the race, he overcomes numerous obstacles in search of salvation

Mystery Hotel

Duration: 3:15

Mystery Hotel’s hero gets caught in the rain in the middle of the night. He knocks on the door of the Mystery Hotel. He is welcomed by a hotel concierge who turns out to be a bit cranky. And hero ends up having a night of crazy adventures instead of sleeping soundly.

Space Journey

Duration: 2:45

Space Journey is a philosophical space drama. The astronaut finds himself alone in deep space after his ship explodes. His oxygen level is low and it seems that he has no chance to return to planet Earth. Suddenly, the constellations start transforming into beautiful Earth animals and carry the astronaut back home.

TikTok Dou Night Show Antigravity Live Performance

Duration: 3:36

A performance based on our famous act “The Escape” opened Dou Night (抖音 美好奇妙夜), a grand gala concert show with a TV/online audience of 100 million. It took place at one of the country’s biggest concert venues - the Guangzhou International Sports Arena - and gathered top Asian and international singers and performers onstage.

Antigravity Show at CES 2020

Duration: 3:27

Our team created a multimedia experience built on our revolutionary Antigravity Show technology for SK Group. It took place at the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, CES 2020. The striking performance demonstrated how the company’s products bring the future into focus.