It’s exciting to see things we’ve never really seen before because it’s like going into the future.
That was perfection I think this act.

Simon Cowell
Producer, America’s Got Talent Judge

You are taking us to a different dimension. I mean, it’s innovative,
it’s futuristic.
I loved it.

Heidi Klum
Producer, America’s Got Talent Judge

It’s a creative collaboration of three industry leaders:
Front Pictures, Red Rabbit Entertainment
and Profi Innovations.

You can call it a live cinema that erases the boundaries between real and virtual worlds. This spectacular show will take you to another dimension where there is no gravity and no limitations. 
The Antigravity Show debuted on America’s Got Talent on June 12, 2018. It proved to be a huge success, immediately earning the praise of the AGT judges, while receiving millions of views and thousands of delighted comments on social media.

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